FAIRPORT CONVENTION’s 1976 Concert To Be Out

1976 was a weird year in the FAIRPORT CONVENTION history. First, Sandy Denny had terminated her second tenure with the ensemble that essentially broke up afterwards, with “Gottle O’Geer” credit containing only the first word in the band’s name and the platter sculpted only by the trio of bassist Dave Pegg, fiddler Dave Swarbrick and drummer Bruce Rowland; then, the line-up expanded to include the one-time players Dan Ar Braz on guitar, Roger Burridge on mandolin and violin and Bob Brady on piano – who lasted a mere six months; and then, Simon Nicol was back to form the foursome who would together till the middle of 1979 before going their separate ways for some time. Still, it was in 1976 that the group began perform regularly at Cropredy, setting the scene for the now-famous festival, and it was on March 23rd of the same year that they had recorded a show for a popular German TV programme in Köln.

Titled “Live At Rockpalast” and featuring the aforementioned short-lived sextet, the recording of that performance will be released as a CD/DVD package – both discs comprised of the same tracks – on September 2nd, looking like this:

Live At Rockpalast

1. Friendship Song
2. The Limey’s Lament
3. Sir B. McKenzie
4. The Boys Of Blue Hill
5. When First Into This Country
6. Our Band
7. Lay Me Down Easy
8. Cropredy Capers / The Frog Up The Pump
9. Dirty Linen

July 23, 2022

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