Famous Rockstars Well-known for their Love of Gambling

All of us have at some point of time heard stories about musicians, especially rockstars, having a rollicking time not just playing on stage, but indulging in their favourite casino games. In fact, if you look at the biographies of some of the famous heavy metal stars, they are the kind of people you’d come to expect hanging around in the casinos, gambling with their well-known gung ho attitude! Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there have been some reputed names from the heavy metal industry who’ve come to be known for their love of gambling over the years. In fact, even today, you can see some of them enjoying casino games at top-rated gambling and sports betting platforms on the Internet. Let’s tell you about some such artists below.

Lemmy Kilmister

When it comes to rock music, few stars gained the kind of fan following across the world as the late Lemmy Kilmister did. The front man and founder of Motorhead, Kilmister’s love for gambling was no secret. That’s also the reason Ace of Spades became a huge hit for the band! However, unlike majority of his gambling peers, Kilmister used to particularly love slot machines. He wasn’t the kind who’d go about learning popular and relatively complicated card games like blackjack, poker etc.
In fact, if you see ‘Lemmy: The Movie’, a documentary made on his life, it offers good insight into his love for the slots. Dave Vanion, the frontman for The Damned can be seen talking about Kilmister often getting spotted at London’s casino venues where he would spend plenty of time playing the slot reels. As can be seen, JD with Coke and slot machines became his perfect combination at these gambling venues.

Scott Ian

Scott is the last surviving founding member of Anthrax, the hugely popular thrash metal band. The super-talented vocalist and rhythm guitarist, apart from his love for heavy metal, is also very passionate about poker and spends a considerable amount of time at poker tables both off-line and online. In fact, he once contemplated becoming a pro level poker player, which considering how good he is with the game, was definitely a possibility.
However, combining his love for poker and music became a little too difficult for the musician, until of course the Internet and technology revolution made it possible for him to enjoy his favourite game online.

Sully Erna

Widely recognised as just Sully, Salvatore Paul Erna is the guitarist and lead vocalist for the American heavy metal band called Godsmack. He was recognised as among the best heavy metal vocalists of all time, and is looked up to by all his peers in the rock music industry.
Apart from heavy metal, Erna has great love for poker, the casino card game. So much so that you can see a tattoo based on it covering his entire back. He got this tattoo after flopping quad aces while playing a poker game in which his opponent went all in with a royal flush. Erna got the tattoo featuring four burning aces, with ‘No Justice’ written on top!

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