Farewell, Dream Weaver Gary Wright

There’s hardly a radio listener in the world who hasn’t heard Gary Wright – even if they didn’t know it was him. While it’s hardly fair to call the instantly recognizable piano line of Harry Nilsson’s take on “Without You” Wright’s calling card, that is the part everybody knows, but Gary had so much more music of his own that stood the test of time to become eternal. Sadly, the veteran passed away on September 4th, aged 80.

Wright’s most popular song seemed to be “Dream Weaver” which he laid down in 1975 to establish himself as a solo artist, yet by that time the American keyboard player had been firmly integrated in the British music scene: he not only contributed ivories to George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” – enough to guarantee the former Beatle reciprocating on Gary’s albums – but also creatively drove SPOOKY TOOTH to success with “Better By You, Better Than Me” – a future staple of JUDAS PRIEST legend – and other classics. Still, “Dream Weaver” overshadowed everything, especially after “Wayne’s World” featured its refreshed version, with “Love Is Alive” – another Wright’s hit – following closely behind when covered by Chaka Khan. No wonder, the audience’s interest to Gary’s oeuvre didn’t diminish, and such gems as "Ring Of Changes" – the shelved 1971 project released in 2016 to wrap up the artist’s long discography – were met with proper respect. Soundtracks, world music, touring with Ringo Starr: Gary Wright’s career was never dull, and his legacy deserves a lot of love.

Godspeed you, Dream Weaver.

September 5, 2023

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