February 10, 2003


Sad to say but the Glenn Hughes Message Board at his official site has been closed down for the second time during last twelve months due to too many a visitor badmouthing the veteran musician. That’s how Glenn himself feels about it:
“My board was originally intended for fans to communicate with one another, not for submitting vicious personal attacks. How dare you. who are you people? I have had a thirty-plus year career and I have the wall of gold and platinum records to back it up (seventy-five). I have had the acclaim of many of my peers, but most importantly I believe I have a great fan base for whom I am very grateful. I am not in the habit of inviting people over for dinner to my house who don’t like me, so why would I have them come to my message board? Think of the board as an open house -my open house – and it has just closed. For those of you true fans: I will see you on the road or at the ghpg.net.

That may sound a bit arrogant yet everybody has the right for a self-defence. And there’s one thing remains in question: if one happens to not like some artist’s work why care and visit his site? Why not stay aside? Why not have some respect for one whose work is always consistent and good – greatness is another category there – and who’s able to give his fans an album every year?


THE BEATLES never reformed, and after John Lennon’s death that appeared impossible, as the intergrity of the band wasn’t to be recreated ever. Not the same withTHE DOORS who continue to play their evil games even though Jim Morrison’s long gone. To get together for the “Storytellers” night on the TV is OK but touring isn’t, especially when drummer John Densmore pulled off. Now Densmore files a legal action against the group, organist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robbie Krieger, with vocalist Ian Astbury and drummer Stewart Copeland, stating there’s a breach of contract and trademark infringement occured. Quite right, possibly: Lynott-less THIN LIZZY is more than enough.


The lovealble drum beast Ringo Starr has the new album out, called “Ringo Rama”, on March 25th. Nothing to tell about music – Ringo is always Ringo – but his last works have been solid and augmented with guests Starr used to take on the road as his ALL-STARR BAND. This time though, there are heavier contributors, including old buddy Eric Clapton who Ringo co-wrote “Never Without You” with, a tribute to the great late George Harrison.

1. Eye To Eye
2. Missouri Loves Company
3. Instant Amnesia (featuring David Gilmour)
4. Memphis In Your Mind
5. Never Without You (featuring Eric Clapton)
6. Imagine Me There (featuring Charlie Haden)
7. I Think, Therefore I Rock ‘N’ Roll (featuring David Gilmour)
8. Trippin On My Own Tears (featuring Shawn Colvin)
9. Write One For Me (featuring Willie Nelson)
10. What Love Wants To Be
11. Love First
12. Elizabeth Reigns (featuring Van Dyke Parks)
13. English Garden

Meanwhile, there’s a release date set for “The Beatles Anthology” DVD, which hits the shelves on April 1st and consists of five discs, one being bonus and featuring extra material that didn’t make it to the earlier VHS format.


Twelve years on since their latest studio release and extensive touring, PROCOL HARUM are ready to give a listening lot some new soul food. “The Well’s On Fire” is completely fresh material written mainly by the classic creative team of Gary Brooker and Keith Reid with contributions from Matthew Fisher, the only original members in the current line-up which includes also guitarist Geoff Whitehorn, who played with HARUM before although is mostly famous for his stints with CRAWLER and Paul Rodgers, bassist Matt Pegg, who helped out his father Dave’s ensemble FAIRPORT CONVENTION, and drummer Mark Brzezicki. Another masterpiece might be for those whose eyes are opened wide.

1. An Old English Dream
2. Shadow Boxed
3. A Robe of Silk
4. The Blink of an Eye
5. The VIP Room
6. The Question
7. This World Is Rich
8. Fellow Travellers
9. The Wall Street Blues
10. The Emperor’s New Clothes
11. So Far Behind
12. Every Dog Will Have His Day
13. Weisselklenzenacht


As beaten men as they are, for SAVOY BROWN‘s kind of blues years bring even more autheticity – if Kim Simmond’s bunch ever lacked it. Not content to live in the shadows of their glorious past, the band presented them bluesheads with a new outing, “Strange Dreams”, on February 4th. A groovy stuff it is, judging only by “Meat Shaking Woman” or “Shake It All Night”.

1. When It Rains
2. Can’t Take It With You
3. Meat Shaking Woman
4. Strange Dream
5. Keep On Rollin’
6. Shake It All Night
7. Pain Of Love
8. (Hard Time) Believing In You
9. Memphis Last Night
10. Can’t Let You Go


With Dave Cousins having returned to shape and good health, 2003 must prove a good year for THE STRAWBS, ready to please the faithful with some new releases on CD and DVD, and the first of those – though, perhaps, not exactly new – are the following…

“Blue Angel”, expected in April, collects most of the tracks from the Dave Cousins and Brian Willoughby long-unavailable 1994’s album “The Bridge” in remixed and enhanced form and features a few surprises. A quality is guaranteed if only with players like Mick “Blue” Weaver, Tony Fernandez and Chas Cronk, and singers including Mary Hopkin and Maddy Prior.

1. Blue Angel
(i) Divided
(ii) Half Worlds Apart
(iii) At Rest
2. Oh So Sleepy
3. Further Down The Road
4. There Will Come The Day
5. Strange Day Over The Hill
6. Cry No More
7. The Plain
8. Do You Remember
9. Rhythm Of The Night
10. Morning Glory
11. Sealed With A Traitor’s Kiss 12. Lay Down
bonus track:
13. The King

For many, nevertheless, of much more interest will be Dave Cousins’ 1972’s debut solo album “Two Weeks Last Summer” which is to be re-issued now. Recorded between THE STRAWBS’ “Grave New World” and “Bursting At The Seams”, it features such luminaries as Miller Anderson of THE KEEF HARTLEY BAND fame, COLOSSEUM leader Jon Hiseman, DEEP PURPLE’s own Roger Glover and Dave’s former apprentice Rick Wakeman.

1. Two Weeks Last Summer
2. October To May
3. Blue Angel 4. That’s The Way It Ends
5. The Actor
6. When You Were A Child
7. Ways And Means
8. We’ll Meet Again Sometime
9. Going Home

February 10, 2003

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