February 11, 2011


It’s called Mctrax, a label owned by the legendary FREE bass-shaker Andy Fraser, and it presents a new method of digital music and video delivery system. Before its launch Andy says, “I want to encourage artists to be artists again, and thought I would provide a platform. The majors [labels] have been fighting the digital world, and in fact even fought CDs before that. They killed Napster instead of embracing the technology, and since then have been beaten into submission by Steve Jobs and Apple”. The Mctrax Music Delivery System allows artists to sell their content on its website for a few cents thus bypassing the use of iTunes, Google or any other medium that might charge more and giving its members, artists, the ability to have their music or videos delivered by way of streaming or downloaded by listeners. More so, the system can alert all interested of new “trax” by computer or any mobile device. So Fraser realizes his philosophy of artists, rather than executives, determining creativity, and does that in his inimitably graceful style.


Dino Valenti died more than 16 years ago but the fans of QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE still grieve, so they – and many more classic rock aficionados – will be absolutely thrilled to have the man’s lost album in their hands. The tapes that the “Get Together” album stems from had been found recently in a Northern California storage and, after clearing things up with the late singer’s son, are ready to be consumed, even though who plays on these songs, recorded between 1964 to 1970, remains a mystery. As the titles suggest, there’s a lot of covers but a title cut stands out as the first-ever surfacing of the original version of the Valenti composition later recorded by JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and made a hit by THE YOUNGBLOODS. For this release to be most authentic, It’s About Music, the label behind it, licensed the cover photo from Herb Green who took the cover shot for the AIRPLANE’s “Surrealistic Pillow”

It’s About Music arranged it so that Dino’s family is getting paid from the album’s sales, and if you buy it there’s a card to be mailed to the label in order to receive a free bonus CD and a Valenti pin. But if you order the disc from the label’s site, you get a double CD and that same button. And you can download all the tracks, too, – with no badge, though.

1. Get Together
2. One Thousand Miles An Hour
3. Ain’t That A Shame
4. Silver Dagger
5. Strange World
6. I’ll Try Something New
7. Star Rider
8. County Fair
9. Crossroads
10. Everybody Knows
11. Midnight Rider
12. The Letter
13. That’s How It Goes
14. To The End Of The World
bonus CD:

1. If I Had Money
2. Star Rider (acoustic)
3. City Of Stone
4. County Fair (acoustic)
5. Sadness of My Mind
6. Play My Guitar
7. So Close To You
8. If I Had Money (acoustic)
9. Get Together (alt. version)


February 11, 2011

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