February 12, 2001


Steve Howe‘s next solo work – an acoustic recording – is currently being mixed and is scheduled for an April release on Eagle Rock. The title and tracklist are still to appear but it is confirmed that Steve has recorded three YES tracks acoustically for the CD, one of them being “To Be Over”.

Moreover, it is reported that Rhino got in touch with Howe regarding his “Anthology” 3CD release.


Talented American guitar player Iain Ashley Hersey releases his debut album “Fallen Angel” through the Frontiers Records. Hersey, who had his degree at the famed Boston’s Berklee College of Music and later on became a teacher at GIT in LA, already played on the last album of Paul Shortino “Stand Or Fall” and co-wrote and performed on Stuart Smith debut album "Heaven & Earth".

Guests on the album include Paul Shortino himself on lead vocals and Pat Regan on keyboards.


Ronnie James Dio while preparing for American leg of “Magica” tour has delayed his new all stars project “Hear’N’Aid II”.

Before the tour will take up in the USA, Ronnie puts all his forces into writing a new DIO album, tentatively scheduled for October 2001 release. The album, still untitled, should be heavy and won’t bear the concept line as “Magica”. The recording is to start after the tour is done. Still the singer hopes to to stage “Magica” in some capacity as a theatrical production.


On May 7 Record Heaven put out SOUTHERN ROCK ALLSTARS new album “Crazy Again”. The band are Jakson Spires of BLACKFOOT, Jay Johnson of ROSSINGTON BAND, Dave Hlubek from MOLLY HATCHET and Charles Hart who used to play with RADIO TOKYO.

As press release says, “These prime movers and shakers are back on the road brewing their own hard hitting, guitar-seasoned brand of rock and blues. They storm the stage with lightning licks on guitar, thundering drums and booming bass. With a Southern Rock style uniquely their own, they have electrified jam-packed audiences across the country”.

The CD include two covers, THIN LIZZY’s “Don’t Believe A Word” and FREE’s “Wishing Well”.


KANSAS camp reports that Sony Legacy announced the remastering and re-release of “Masque”“Leftoverture” and “Point Of Know Return” classic albums. The re-packaging will include an expanded CD booklet, increased liner notes, and alternate photographs from that time period.

Phil Ehart comments, “KANSAS has been well aware of the fans clamoring for the re-release and remastering of “Masque”. This CD has been out of print for quite some time now. When Sony approached us for the re-mastering of “Leftoverture” and “Point Of Know Return”, we insisted that “Masque” be part of the deal. We look forward to going back into these albums with the chance to revisit that era.”

Release dates for both “Masque” and “Leftoverture” is tentatively set for Spring/Summer of 2001 in commemoration of the latter album’s 25th anniversary. The third one of a batch will be out in 2002 to coincide with its 25th anniversary.

February 12, 2001

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