February 16, 2009


Those who desperately wait for Ronnie James Dio to deliver his long-promised autobiography or the second installment of the Magica  trilogy will have to wait more. And more. The veteran’s been too busy lately with his old buddies to produce some great stuff.

One of the projects Ronnie got involved in is “”Vengeance”, a new album by THE RODS, a band led by his cousin David Feinstein who long ago was Dio’s partner in ELF. Now, the singer lent his incredible voice to two cuts, “The Code” and “Metal Will Never Die”, while on others vocal duties are taken by Shmoulik Avigal. The record will be out later this year.

More important, though, is the forthcoming release of the first full-length studio album by HEAVEN AND HELL – that’s BLACK SABBATH with Ronnie at the mike, for those who’s been out of this planet for a couple of years. “The Devil You Know”, out on April 28th, will feature ten tracks including, according to press release, “Bible Black”, “Rock & Roll Angel”, “Breaking Into Heaven”, “Atom & Evil” and “Eating The Cannibals”. Heavy news, indeed.


It wasn’t the first time that art inspired Rick Wakeman to sit and write the accompaminent to a visual piece – there’s been “Romance Of The Victorian Age” and“Vignettes” to name but a few – and something like this can be said of Gordon Giltrap as well. The two seemed to have been destined to gravitate towards each other at some point, and Wakeman contributing to Giltrap’s “Heartsong” didn’t satisfy fans such as Malcolm Welch who bothered both to work together for more than a decade – and got what he wanted! “From Brush And Stone”, the sculpture-themed collaboration between the veterans, is out in May, with first 1,000 copies comes accompanied with a limited edition bonus DVD the details on which we hope to receive soon. Funnily, while Gordon and Rick play on each other’s tracks, the compositions aren’t interspersed on the album but the keyboard wiz’s cuts are followed by the guitar weaver’s ones.

1. The Last Of England
2. Spring
3. The Death Of Chatterton
4. The Light Of The World
5. Work
6. By Angle Tarn
7. Maddie Goes West
8. The Savannah Bird
9. Caesar Augustus
10. The Kiss
11. Hermes
12. David
13. The Discus Thrower


Somehow  John Wetton  and Geoff Downes manage to balance their work with ASIA and with ICON and follow the 2008’s “Phoenix” by their supergroup with “iCon 3” on March 13th. There, they have John’s old compadre Dave Kilminster on guitar and ex-ELO Hugh McDowell whose cello can be heard on all three ICON albums. Other guests are harpist Andreas Vollenweider and singer Anne-Marie Helder of KARNATAKA and MOSTLY AUTUMN fame. More of the same, sure, but beautiful anyway. And the forthcoming DVD keeps the fans sailivating. As for now, that’s what on the CD:

1. Twice The Man I Was
2. Destiny
3. Green Lights And Blue Skies
4. Raven
5. Sex, Power And Money
6. Anna’s Kiss
7. Under The Sky
8. Don’t Go Out Tonight
9. Never Thought I’d See You Again
10. Peace In Our Time

Meanwhile, on March 8th Wetton is playing a show with Paul Green School of Rock’s All Star kids in Philadelphia, PA, performing the music of KING CRIMSON, ASIA, and UK. Hop over those who can.


Two years on from the fantastic “One More Time For Peace” album, Roger Chapman returns with a double collection titled “HideGoSeek” that features 25 unreleased tracks. It’s going to be out in the UK on April 27th and in Europe on May 8th. No more details at the moment, just delight.

1. Stone Talking
2. X-Town Loving
3. L. A. Trails
4. Naked Hearts/The Movie
5. I Need A Connection
6. 2 Pieces Of Silver
7. Come To Papa
8. Hurry On Love
9. Borderline Of Love
10. Another Stone Unturned
11. Sprouting Wings
12. One More Story
13. That Was A Glory Ride
14. Into The Bright
15. Kiss Till It Hurts
16. J & D
17. Same Old R&R
18. Wicked B`s
19. Renegade
20. Over & Done
21. Bring Me Your Love
22. One more whiskey
23. Daddy Red Moon
24. Got Me Gone
25. Mac & Kokomo
26. Devil & Son Ltd
27. Let`s Go Again
28. We Will Never Pass This Way Again

February 16, 2009

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