February 21, 2001


Remember the FLEETWOOD MAC tribute in a form of their classic album “Rumours” re-recorded? Now there’s a new one coming in, a tribute to Ian Dury. It will be a new version of hos “New Boots And Panties” album that’s set for release by East Central One on April 9.

The CD titled “Brand New Boots And Panties” features Dury’s band THE BLOCKHEADS plus some stars’ contributions including one Paul McCartney. The artwork is by Peter Blake, who was responsible for original cover (not only for “Sgt. Pepper”, eh).

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Wake Up ∓ Make Love With Me – Sinead O’Connor & THE BLOCKHEADS
Sweet Gene Vincent – Robbie Williams & THE BLOCKHEADS
I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra – Paul McCartney & THE BLOCKHEADS
My Old Man – MADNESS
Billericay Dickie – Billy Bragg & THE BLOKES
Clevor Trever – Wreckless Eric & THE BLOCKHEADS
If I Was With A Woman – Cerys Matthews & THE BLOCKHEADS
Blockheads – Grant Nicholas ∓ THE BLOCKHEADS
Plaistow Patricia – Shane McGowan & THE BLOCKHEADS
Blackmail Man – Keith Allen & THE BLOCKHEADS

February 21, 2001

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