February 26, 2003


Alas, ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND remain deprived of their private tapes – live performances, demos and rehearsals recorded between 1969 and 1979 – that Universal Music Group got hold of in the wake of Capricorn’s, a label the band were signed to since the classic “At Fillmore East” album, 1979 bankruptcy and subsequent mergers. The Southerners filed a suit against Universal back in 2001 but lost on February 21st, when the court ruled the group waited much too long to seem it’s all important to them. Alas, then, that Greg Allman and Co won’t get what they could in case the recordings will be issued officially.


That’s a chameleon hard to pinpoint, you just can’t categorize Manfred Mann. His stylistic range throughout the years spanned beat and rhythm-and-blues, hard rock and art rock, prog and reggae – the facets are many, the man is one. and there’s a definitive collection to have it all – and more – in a neat package called "Evolution Of Manfred Mann", which is a double-CD and a DVD set including the hits as well as previously unreleased performances and cuts recorded especially for this issue, like acoustic verison of “Nothing Ever Happens” by Manfred Mann and Chris Thompson.

CD 1 – Manfred Mann:

1. 5-4-3-2-1
2. Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)
3. Do Wah Diddy Diddy
4. Sha La La
5. Come Tomorrow
6. Oh No Not My Baby
7. If You Gotta Go
8. Pretty Flamingo
9. Just Like A Woman
10. Semi Detached Suburban Mr James
11. Ha! Ha! Said The Clown
12. Sweet Pea
13. Mighty Quinn
14. My Name Is Jack
15. Fox On The Run
16. Ragamuffin Man
17. Handbags And Gladrags –
Mike D’Abo (previously unreleased)
18. Miss Me In The Morning –
Mike D’Abo (previously unreleased)



1. Joybringer
2. Spirits In The Night
3. Blinded By The Light
4. Questions
5. Davy’s On The Road Again
6. California
7. You Angel You
8. Don’t Kill It Carol
9. Lies
10. Demolition Man
11. Runner
12. Redemption Song
13. Sikelele
14. Nothing Ever Happens
15. Blinded By The Light (live)
16. For You (live)


Bonus DVD:

Interviews with Manfred plus
1. Do Wah Diddy Diddy – Manfred Mann
2. Semi Detached Suburban Mr James – Manfred Mann
3. Just Like A Woman – Manfred Mann
4. Fox On The Run – Manfred Mann
5. Blinded By The Light – MM’S EARTH BAND
6. For You – MM’s EARTH BAND
7. Nothing Ever Happens – Manfred Mann and Chris Thompson
8. Blinded By The Light – FUNKSTAR DELUXE with MM’s EARTH BAND



“Reaching The Cold” is a title of the new album from Peter Green & SPLINTER GROUP, a successor to 2001’s "Time Traders". Nowadays, Greeny is unlikely to zap any fan with surprise, yet equally unlikely is there anyone to rival Pete in good ole gray-haired blues, and no doubt old aficionados will delight in grabbing the initial pressing of the album that goes with a bonus EP featuring new studio versions of four classics, “Black Magic Woman”, “Green Manalishi”, “Albatross” and “It Takes Time”.

1. Nothing Gonna Change
2. Look Out
3. Cool Down
4. Dangerous Man
5. Needs Must
6. Must Be A Fool
7. Don’t Walk Away
8. Legal Fee Blues
9. Spiritual Thief
10. Ready
11. Smile
12. Nice Girl
13. Somebody Cares


This year marks a 60th birthday of unique voice owner and one of rock’s most colorful characters, Roger Chapman. Once a leader of FAMILY, then STREETWALKERS and now SHORTLIST, Roger is celebrated not only with 4CD box set “Family & Friends (the tracklsting’s here), freshly released on Mystic Records, but also with forthcoming DVD by Angel Air, that catches the singer and his band – featuring such luminaries as Henry Spinnetti on drums and Gary Twigg on bass – in concert at a sold-out Newcastle Opera House in the autumn of 2002.

1. Kiss My Soul
2. Down Bound Train
3. Habits Of A Lifetime
4. Midnite Child
5. Blind Willie McTell
6. 18 Wheels & A Crowbar
7. X Town
8. The Weaver’s Answer
9. My Friend The Sun
10. Holding The Compass
11. Shank (Shadow On The Wall)
12. Toe Nail Draggin’
13. Short List
14. Burlesque
15. Jesus & The Devil
16. In My Own Time
bonus features:
– Interview with Roger Chapman
– History of Roger Chapman and “Family & Friends”
– Interviews with fans at Newcastle Opera House


It was a many’s wish to know where Gary Pickford-Hopkins is today, the same singer who fronted Welsh band EYES OF BLUE before joining ex-TULL Glen Cornick’s WILD TURKEY and then sharing vocal duties with Ashley Holt on Rick Wakeman’s massive “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth” and “The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table”. The artist seemed to have completely disappeared from the public eye – to emerge now with the first solo album of his, “GPH”, and to immerse himself in work on a new TURKEY record.

“GPH” is not progressive though, but a solid AOR thing featuring four songs co-written with beautiful Bonnie Tyler and a new version of “Loving You Means Leaving You” with the lady’s voice in it.

1.Outlaw Blues
2. Faraway Friends
3. Across The Muddy River
4. Long Time Coming
5. Loving You Means Leaving You
6. You’re Gonna Get It
7. Drifting Away
8. U.B. Love
9. Take It And Shake It
10. Sinner Man
11. Holocaust
bonus tracks:
11. Why (extended single version)
12. Why (narration)

February 26, 2003

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