FIELDS are ripe again

It was business problems that made FIELDS wither and break up after their sole, eponymous album. But, as it turned out, the ensemble led by Graham Field, a former keyboard player with RARE BIRD, had managed to lay down one more record a year later, in 1972 – only to see it shelved and dusted down. Fortunately, its masters have been found fairly recently and now, having been restored and remastered, are ready for release.

Out on March 30th, “Contrasts – Urban Roar to Country Peace” is comprised of the following:

FIELDS - Contrasts – From Urban Roar to Country Peace

Contrasts –
From Urban Roar to Country Peace

1. Let Her Sleep
2. Wedding Bells
3. Someone To Trust
4. Wonder Why
5. Music Was Their Game
6. The Old Canal
7. Put Out To Grass
8. Storm
bonus tracks:
9. Set Yourself Free
10. The River
11. Spring

February 2, 2015

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