FINS A LUMINOUS – Setting Souls / Funeral Shake

Fins A Luminous 2015

FINS A LUMINOUS - Setting Souls / Funeral Shake

Setting Souls / Funeral Shake

Descending into dark recesses of psyche with buzz and blues, British electronica mavens mesmerize and trance.hs

Whatever’s brewed on a computer can be perceived as dead music but, as such, it can open the doors to other worlds, where voodoo dance is a walk of life. That’s how it goes for this UK congregation whose double-shot single marries beats and soundscapes to most deeply felt genres such as blues.

Moby might have proved how nice prison songs work in this context, yet FAL wrap the vocals on “Setting Souls” in a hazier shade of groove, a disco macabre of sorts, as minimal keyboards tiptoe around spectral jive and sensual quiver in a voice, while “Funeral Shake” unfolds into a colder, if wider and wilder, vista as dictated by its “Twin Peaks”-inspired words. Both lazily melodic, the two pieces’ unhurried flow is transfixing, so there’s oxymoron making them alluring, though strange. Something worth delving in.


January 27, 2016

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