FIVE BLACK BULLETS – Dirty Boys Of The Underground

Bullet Productions 2016

FIVE BLACK BULLETS - Dirty Boys Of The Underground

Dirty Boys Of The Underground

Delicious disrespect from new kids on the (chopping) block: nasty wonder to behold.

When this band burst onto hard rock scene with their debut single that threw today’s political correctness out of a school window, a whiff of fresh air was brought in by infectious riffs. As it turned out with the arrival of the Spaniards’ full LP, the quintet’s irreverence isn’t limited to the songs contest – it extends to the genre rulebook. An album requires a ballad? The guys don’t give a shit, and the resolute “Fuck them all” refrain of opener “Let’s Make It” is what defines their┬árecord.

“Get Rock (Or Die Trying)” could be a common denominator for the eight cuts on display, the group setting their sight on simple pleasures – they’re here to play rock ‘n’ roll, that’s all – so occasional medieval moves on the likes of “Pride & Glory” fall down flat, comics-style. Not for nothing Javy Stoner takes “Acapulco Gold” high on a superhero orbit, while Miguel Wylde and M.C. Petaka trade tasty licks: there are teenage kicks par excellence, with “Showdown” adding a cartoonish menace to the overall offence. Yet if that’s a crime to have choruses others may kill for, these young villains should appear on “Wanted” posters all around the place. Infamy and fame is two sides of the same coin, right?


July 8, 2016

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