FIVE BLACK BULLETS – Teacher (Ready 4 Pleasure)

Bullet Productions 2016

FIVE BLACK BULLETS - Teacher (Ready 4 Pleasure)

Teacher (Ready 4 Pleasure)


Shooting from the hip, Spanish hard rockers clear the path for their full-length debut.

Five years in the making, "Dirty Boys Of The Underground" looks destined to launch this quintet on an international orbit, and its preceding single is a strong bid for that ascension. While 2014’s EP “Die!!” demonstrated their voracious intent, “Teacher” is packing the band’s chops in a short performance that’s as screamingly sleazy as the record’s cover suggests.

The piece’s core rock ‘n’ roll sliced with a riff-and-rhythm exchange between Miguel Wylde and M.C. Petaka, its high-octane drive is as infectious as it gets when Javy Stoner’s hollering hooks come flying for the whole band to jump on and groove with all the testosterone-fuelled might. And once Miguel Ruiz’s drums ram the chant of “All right!” home, it’s so hilarious there should be no objections to the “swing your boobs” line.

Quite a teaser for “Dirty Boys”: these new kids on the block bring a breath of fresh air to the city.


April 6, 2016

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