FOGHAT Dust Off Unforgettable Performance

It was almost a quarter of a century ago that the boogie royalty FOGHAT began morphing from their classic quartet, reunited a few years earlier, to the ensemble’s current line-up, as 1999 saw the veterans part with one of the legendary guitarists, Rod Price, and embark on “The Millennium Tour” with his replacement, Bryan Bassett who would stay alongside last original member Roger Earl to this day. And it was that phase that the band decided to record – and leave on the shelf to officially issue on April 5th.

More so, their Houston concert – the one played 9/9/99 rather than on September 29th, as the forthcoming release’s cover suggests – was also preserved on video, so “Slow Ride: Live In Concert” will consist of both CD and DVD comprised of the foursome’s best pieces. A fine document destined to delight many a fan and the uninitiated alike.

Slow Ride: Live In Concert

1. Drivin’ Wheel
2. Somebody’s Been Sleepin’ In My Bed
3. Stone Blue
4. It Hurts Me Too
5. Rock Your House
6. Sweet Home Chicago
7. Angel Of Mercy
8. Fool For The City
9. I Just Want To Make Love To You
10. Slow Ride

March 4, 2024

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