FOTHERINGAY anthologized

“Nothing More”: that’s the title of a first-ever FOTHERNGAY box set. And the title seems ridiculous, given that a several exhaustive Sandy Denny collections have seen the light in the last few years, including the 19-disc set and a set of her Beeb performances. Yet something seems to always remain out of scope, so focusing on a particular period of the late great singer’s career makes a lot of sense. That’s why these 3 CDs and a DVD, out on March 30th, might be an ultimate word in her own band’s story. They comprise the group’s only album, released in in 1970, and its planned follow-up, brought to a fruition by guitarist Jerry Donahue in 2008, both bearing bonus tracks, plus concert tapes and rarest videos.

Some of the BBC cuts and Rotterdam’s cuts were issued before, some weren’t – only on bootlegs – but the Beat Club sessions clips were limited, and this scribe failed to help Jerry found the rest of those, yet now they are there which makes this box a true treasure.

FOTHERINGAY - Nothing More

Nothing More

Disc One:
“Fotheringay” – expanded
1. Nothing More
2. The Sea
3. The Ballad Of Ned Kelly
4. Winter Winds
5. Peace In The End
6. The Way I Feel
7. The Pond And The Stream
8. Too Much Of Nothing
9. Banks Of The Nile
bonus tracks:
10. The Sea (demo)
11. Winter Winds (demo)
12. The Pond And The Stream (demo)
13. The Way I Feel (original version)
14. Banks of The Nile (alt. take)
15. Winter Winds (alt. take)

Disc Two:
“Fotheringay 2” – expanded
1. John The Gun
2. Eppie Moray
3. Wild Mountain Thyme
4. Knights Of The Road
5. Late November
6. Restless
7. Gypsy Davey
8. I Don’t Believe You
9. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
10. Bold Jack Donahue
bonus tracks:
11. Two Weeks Last Summer
12. Late November (Joe Boyd mix)
13. Gypsy Davey (Joe Boyd mix)
14. Two Weeks Last Summer (Joe Boyd mix)
15. Silver Threads And Golden Needles (alt. 2004 version)
16. Bruton Town (rehearsal)
17. Bruton Town (2015 version)

Disc Three:
1. The Way I Feel (live in Rotterdam – unreleased)
2. The Sea (live in Rotterdam)
3. Too Much Of Nothing (live in Rotterdam – unreleased)
4. Nothing More (live in Rotterdam)
5. I’m Troubled (live in Rotterdam)
6. Two Weeks Last Summer (live in Rotterdam)
7. The Ballad Of Ned Kelly (live in Rotterdam – unreleased)
8. Banks Of The Nile (live in Rotterdam)
9. Memphis, Tennessee (live in Rotterdam)
10. Interview / The Sea (BBC / Top Gear)
11. The Lowlands of Holland (BBC / Folk On One)
12. Eppie Moray (BBC / Folk On One)
13. John The Gun (BBC / Sounds Of The 70s)
14. Bold Jack Donahue (BBC / Sounds Of The 70s)
15. Gypsy Davey (BBC / Sounds Of The 70s)
16. Wild Mountain Thyme (BBC / Sounds Of The 70s)

Disc Four:
DVD – Beat Club 28th November 1970
1. Nothing More (unreleased – not broadcast)
2. Gypsy Davey (unreleased)
3. John The Gun (unreleased – not broadcast)
4. Too Much Of Nothing

January 22, 2015

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