Franck Carducci And Mary Reynaud Go Acoustic

Franck Carducci‘s career trajectory during the last decade has been highly impressive: not a lot of artists born in France and residing in Holland are able to sell out British venues – but then, it’s not surprising, given the attractiveness of his traveling circus. Those who followed this trajectory from 2011’s "Oddity" to 2019’s "The Answer" – Carducci’s last album as of today – should be familiar with Mary Reynaud, Franck’s perfect foil as a performer and a singer-songwriter in her own right. There’s a great chemistry between the two, and it will be great to hear them on a duo album that’s coming out on March 20th.

The acoustic effort titled “Naked” presents unplugged takes of pieces from their joint and individual albums, including Carducci’s smash “Slave To Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Magic Passerelle” by Reynaud. As they explain, “When we are both together, we often pick up a guitar and start singing songs. On stage or on a sofa, these songs could be our own or songs we borrow from others, old or new. During the full moon in January 2023, we decided to record them in the studio. Through these versions, more intimate and with minimalist arrangements, we wanted to share this ‘naked’ dimension of our music with you all.”


The release is to be supported by two special parties, in London on March 28th and in Lyon on March 30th, plus a short selection of acoustic gigs in the UK. Sounds and looks teasing.

1. Under The Figtree
2. Slave To Rock ‘n’ Roll
3. S&M
4. A Brief Tale Of Time
5. Demain Je Partirai
6. Alice’s Eerie Dream
7. Magic Passerelle
8. Dancing In The Dark
9. Artificial Paradises

March 13, 2023

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