Fripp and Eno’s concert gets physical

Previously available only on bootlegs – and for a few years as a download only album from DGM Records – concert recordings made by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno in 1975, soon after the two had come up with their second album, “Evening Star,” and set about doing a minimal stage trek, are to be released on CD. Out on September 15th, “Live in Paris 28.05.1975” is a 3CD set featuring the duo’s performance in its entirety – mostly material from the aforementioned LP, plus a track off its predecessor, 1973’s “(No Pussyfooting)” – with audio restored and synced with the original studio backing loops as used by Eno and Fripp before the audience, while a single disc comprises the loops only, as well as the reversed loop for “Wind On Water” utilized on “Evening Star.”

FRIPP & ENO - Live in Paris 28.05.1975

Live in Paris 28.05.1975

Not for the weak of heart and ear, this unique document is a testament to the power of innovation and improvisation. And here’s the breakdown of it all.

CD 1:
1. Water On Water
2. A Radical Representative Of Pinsnip
3. Swastika Girls
4. Wind On Wind
5. Announcement

CD 2:
1. Wind On Water
2. A Near Find In Rip Pop
3. A Fearful Proper Din
4. A Darn Psi Inferno
5. Evening Star
6. An Iron Frappe
7. Softy Gun Poison
8. An Index Of Metals

CD 3:
1. Test Loop I
2. Test Loop II
3. Loop Only: A Radical Representative Of Pinsnip
4. Loop Only: Wind On Water
5. Loop Only: A Darn Psi Inferno
6. Loop Only: Softy Gun Poison
bonus track:
7. Loop Only: Wind On Water Reversed

August 25, 2014

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