Gary Lucas And Jann Klose Unfold A New Vista

Each of them unique in his own special way, a collaboration between Gary Lucas and Jann Klose seemed inevitable, given the artist’ mutual gravitation over the past few years and the common musical realization of the “Greetings From Tim Buckley” film. And now the two voices – one coming from guitar, the other from vocal pipes – finally sound together on an ultimate joint venture: an album titled “Stereopticon” that’s out today. Having worked with Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart, Lucas knows the power of great pipes and idiosyncrasy, while Klose represents an art-minded facet of a singer-songwriter idiom, perfected on 2013’s "Mosaic" and put to good use on his current affairs with Annie HaslamJim McCarty and John Oates. But “Stereopticon” is a platform for two talents of equal measure.

There seem to be more than one perspective to this record, as its title suggests: read the review here. On the surface, though, it looks like this:

GARY LUCAS & JANN KLOSE - Stereopticon


1. Fair Weather
2. Secret Wings
3. Let No One Come Between Us
4. Walking And Talking
5. Well Of Loneliness
6. Take Your Medicine
7. Nobody’s Talking
8. Jewel Julia
9. Mary Magdalene
10. Overture
11. Secret Wings (Radio Edit)

January 8, 2016

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