Gary Myrick, Doug Pinnick And Mike Hansen Test Speed Limit

Restlessness might seem like a characteristic of a great musician who’s not satisfied with a single project and got to jungle a lot of things in order not to stagnate. This much is true when it comes to Mike Hansen: recently the drummer has, in his own words, been “busy making records and all good things” – the most prominent of those being “Reconnected” by HURRICANE, the band he had joined back in 2010 but managed to go on record with only now. But while their first album in more than twenty years will see the light of day on August 25th, September 15th will mark the issue of Hansen’s joint effort with singing guitarist Gary Myrick and the venerable bassist Doug Pinnick.

M.P.H. – M.P.H.

With the rhythm section having previously worked together, there was bound to be an instant rapport between the three veterans whose last names produced a fitting acronym of M.P.H., the miles-per-hour pun neatly, in a tongue-in-cheek way, describing their approach to playing. The playing that resulted in an EP comprising “Wolfman” and “Graveyard Cowboy” – yes, just two cuts, although the trio plan on putting more pieces later on – on the aforementioned date on all platforms worldwide.

“I put this Frankenstein project together,” explains Mike Hansen, “as I knew it would be artsy with this line-up. The music is totally Quentin Tarantino-style, definitely made for TV and film.” Which means it has to be an arresting listen, an experience rather expected from these musicians.

August 22, 2023

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