GARY WILSON – It’s Friday Night With…

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GARY WILSON - It's Friday Night With...

It’s Friday Night With…

If a pre-weekend evening is supposed to be crazy, the feeling is nailed here – at least, in terms of weirdness.

Gary Wilson’s claim to glory is one of an experimental artist, but his latter-day endeavors don’t have that adventurous air about them. The veteran’s records track staying in, not going out, and this is a prime example of such a turn, although cozy quietness doesn’t belong here. A musique concrète splash of “A Tree Cries In The Wind” may sound more like an orchestra tuning rather than an overture but it somehow prepares the listener for a soft onslaught of madness to follow, where delicate vibe of “I Want To Hold Your Hand Tonight” and “Like A Scene From A Movie Long Gone” bring on a cinematic celebration of sorts.

Problem is, there’s little spark in the overall monotonous delivery, so “Soon I’ll Be Kissing Sandy” lacks a lyrical delight, while a Bolaneqsue boogie behind “Sick Trip On Friday Night” and the slow disco number “Linda” do spice up the flow. As a result, the glimmer that’s all over “You Made Me Feel My Misery” is an appropriate characteristic for the solitude at the core of this album, despite the psychedelic exorcism of “I’ll Make You My Dream Girl” or the piano-elevated instrumental “Sometimes I Cry Late At Night” which brings the evening to a close. If you’re eager to join the lonely hearts club, this one’s for you.


February 10, 2017

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