Gary Wright’s WONDERWHEEL ft. George Harrison To Finally Roll

Every time it gets mentioned either in encyclopedias or interviews like one on a SPOOKY TOOTH DVD, there’s a collector’s search for a record by WONDERWHEEL, a band Gary Wright corralled in 1971. The search would be vain, though, as the collective that saw Wright team up with future FOREIGNER guitarist Mick Jones and drummer Bryson Graham to get away from the gloomy complexities of "Ceremony" and promote his solo debut, “Extraction,” on the road, didn’t manage to release anything, and the three became part of the reformed TOOTH a year later. Yet there was an album, “Ring Of Changes,” that the ensemble laid down which, even though prefaced by the “I Know” single, never saw the light of day. But it will, on July 29th.

Restored and remastered by Gary himself, and augmented with both ’45 sides and a track that wasn’t part of the original running order, the WONDERWHEEL’s sole LP is also notable for the previously unaired presence of George Harrison, whom Wright helped record such classics as “All Things Must Pass” and “Living In The Material World” and who reciprocated by playing on the American’s own “Footrpint” whence “Two Faced Man” which is the band performed on TV (see video below) came. Looks like they didn’t intend to include this piece on “Ring” as the reissue’s full tracklist is (read the review):


Ring Of Changes

1. Lovetaker
2. Wild Bird
3. Something For Us All
4. Set On You
5. Ring Of Changes
6. Goodbye Sunday
7. For A Woman
8. Workin’ On A River
9. Creation
bonus tracks:
10. I Know (single A-side)
11. What We Can Do (outtake)
12. Somebody (single B-side)

June 4, 2016

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