Gavin Friday Scores Prokofiev’s Classic As Imagined By Bono

Ever-popular, Sergei Prokofiev’s symphonic suite “Peter And The Wolf” has long been part of art-rock vocabulary, most prominently manifested on Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley’s 1975 reading of the perennial in the stellar company of elite players, and recently, when a new animated version of it was released, one based on original illustrations by Bono, the film’s score saw no other than Gavin Friday apply to the visuals his talents as a composer, arranger and narrator.

Peter & The Wolf –
The Original Soundtrack

The erstwhile Virgin Prune also offers a deluxe edition of this, with enhanced CD accompanied by a fully illustrated 64-page clothbound booka behind-the-scenes documentary, photographs and Bono’s paintings. It’s not cheap, of course, but given that royalties from the project benefit the Irish Hospice Foundation, there’s no denying the appeal.

1. Beware, for Wolves Come in Many Disguises
2. The Story Begins
3. The Wolf
4. Now This Is How Things Stood
5. The Victory Parade
6. Beware, for Wolves Come in Many Disguises (Instrumental)
7. The Story Begins (Instrumental)
8. The Wolf (Instrumental)
9. Now This Is How Things Stood (Instrumental)
10. The Victory Parade (Instrumental)

November 17, 2023

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