Gavin Harrison And Antoine Fafard Fall For Perpetual Mutations

It’s been riveting to follow bassist Antoine Fafard‘s journey into greatness from his sophomore effort "Occultus Tramitis" onwards, the decade of his endeavors bringing in a plethora of sophisticated, if vigorous, and arresting music. Among the London-based Montrealais’ albums is “Chemical Reactions” which marked his first non-solo release, as it found Fafard share creative space with British drummer Gavin Harrison of PORCUPINE TREE and KING CRIMSON fame; and now the pair of friends have prepared a follow-up to their 2020’s collaboration.

Titled “Perpetual Mutations” and scheduled for release on July 26th, it’s also focused on actual playing as opposed to the use of programmed instruments – and sees the two principal musicians work with fellow artists from all over the world.

“It’s been a pleasure to repeat the experience with Gavin and see what musical universe we can explore,” says Antoine. “This project is about trying new things while taking the listener with us into the unexpected. There aren’t two songs alike on this project, and I’m glad we finally managed to complete it!”

Perpetual Mutations

1. Dark Wind
2. Deadpan Euphoria
3. Viral Information 101
4. Objective Reality
5. Quiescent II
6. Spontaneous Plan
7. Pentalogic Structure
8. Solus Souls II
9. Safety Meeting

May 13, 2024

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