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Glitterball turning into wrecking ball results in thrash-and-smash and some golden splinters.

“There’s a lot of things that suck”, goes “The Power Of Denial”, and this Gothenburg quartet have all the rights to say so: due to turmoil that saw their records handled by Spanish and Belgian labels and now their compatriots Transubstans, the band’s third album took 7 year to get out into the world. Yet it was worth the wait, for such an infectious meld of glam and desperation rarely fails to ignite, from the dry salvo of “Been trying for so long” that opens “Something Weird” to the final bluesy chords of “Wasted Days”.

Best on the good time vibe, with Mats Ohlsson’s drums abetted by handclaps and sheen shining on Dan Johansson’s guitar, the songs loose their lure in the dark mood when Goran Florstrom’s voice fathoms desolate depths, so the tasty, twangy riffs in “Wrong” can’t win over the strings-strapped metal disco of “Got It All”.┬áThe less the strain is the catchier it gets: “All Insane” might take the overall escapism an inch too far, but its rocking and rolling in the most irresistible way, and “Evil Ways” kicks ass despite all its seriousness. On the downside, the anguish of “Wicked Little Girl” sounds too rough to relate to despite its fantastic solo, and “Lack Of Faith”, a piano-stricken revision of 2001 track, comes on too heavy for the band’s today’s tick. Yet once Jeppe Klarqvist plonks his bass all over “Medication” and a surf wave chimes in, the healing effect swings.

Third albums tend to be difficult, yet this one signals time to smile and have a ball.


June 21, 2013

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