GENESIS Founders Bring Classics Into The Present

Anthony Phillips / Tony Banks

Anthony Phillips / Tony Banks

Last few years saw a resurgence of interest in ex-GENESIS members solo endeavors – beyond the band’s two singers and the classic era guitarist‘s albums – and February 2016 is when a few more classics will be reissued in expanded form, all on Esoteric Recordings.

Continuing their Anthony Phillips programme, the British label follows the artist’s "Private Parts & Pieces I-IV" box with another wonderful package, with “Wise After The Event” taking over four discs: three CDs house the LP’s original and new stereo mixes, as well as additional material, and the DVD a surround sound version of the 1978’s gem.

Out in 1979, Tony Banks“A Curious Feeling” has already been put out by Esoteric, yet its new pressing comes not only in standard edition but also in the deluxe one, where DVD contains a 5.1 mix and a couple of videos, and on vinyl – all recently remixed, so there’s a reason to keep an original album in a collection. The same goes for Banks’ “The Fugitive” from 1983, whose 2016’s re-tooling is to be out on vinyl and regular CD, plus a deluxe hardback edition. A welcome move.

With no bonus tracks added to the albums per se, they look like this:

ANTHONY PHILLIPS - Wise After The Event

Wise After The Event

Anthony Phillips – “Wise After The Event”
(read the review)

CD 1: New Stereo Mix

1. We’re All As We Lie
2. Birdsong And Reprise
3. Moonshooter
4. Wise After The Event
5. Pulling Faces
6. Regrets
7. Greenhouse
8. Paperchase
9. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)
10. Squirrel

CD 2: Demos, Out-takes And Extras

1. We’re All As We Lie Link
2. Sleeping On An Interstellar Plane (Greenhouse demo)
3. Paperchase (instrumental demo)
4. Birdsong (instrumental demo)
5. Moonshooter (Cottage Tapes demo)
6. We’re All As We Lie (Cottage Tapes demo)
7. Pulling Faces (Cottage Tapes demo)
8. Squirrel (instrumental mix)
9. Wise After The Event (instrumental mix)
10. Magic Garden (solo piano mix)
11. We’re All As We Lie (7-inch single mix)
12. Regrets (piano mix)
13. Chinaman (basic guitar mix)
14. Now What (instrumental mix)

CD 3: The Original Stereo Mix Remastered

DVD: The 2016 5.1 Surround Sound Mix


TONY BANKS - A Curious Feeling

A Curious Feeling

Tony Banks – “A Curious Feeling”

CD: Stereo Mix

1. From The Undertow
2. Lucky Me
3. The Lie
4. After The Lie
5. A Curious Feeling
6. Forever Morning
7. You
8. Somebody Else’s Dream
9. The Waters Of Lethe
10. For A While
11. In The Dark

5.1 Surround Sound & 96 Khz / 24-bit Stereo Mix
Promotional videos:
* For A While
* The Waters Of Lethe


TONY BANKS - The Fugitive

The Fugitive

Tony Banks – “The Fugitive”
(read the review)

CD: Stereo Mix

1. This Is Love
2. Man Of Spells
3. And The Wheels Keep Turning
4. Say You’ll Never Leave Me
5. Thirty Three’s
6. By You
7. At The Edge Of Night
8. Charm
9. Moving Under
10. K2
11. Sometime Never

5.1 Surround Sound & 96 Khz / 24-bit Stereo Mix
Promotional video:
* This Is Love

December 23, 2015

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