Geoff Downes And Chris Braide Release Live Album

Even though DBA, or DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION, had been designed as a studio-only project, in September of 2018 Geoff Downes and Chris Braide decided to take their oeuvre to the stage, their first concert taking place in, of all places, Sheffield Green, East Sussex. It’s presumably there that “Live In England” – a 2CD/DVD set, scheduled for November 29th release – was recorded. Strange, but while there are many songs from "Skyscraper Souls" and its predecessor "Suburban Ghosts" – the duo’s third and second albums – there’s not a single piece from 2012’s "Pictures Of You" which was the band’s debut. Compensating for such an explicable set list would be a couple of ASIA cuts delivered as encores, and a certain BUGGLES perennial.

The tracklist for audio and video is the same, and it runs in the following order (read the review):

Live In England

1. Skyscraper Souls
2. Machinery Of Fate
3. Live Twice
4. Vanity
5. Suburban Ghosts
6. Bolero / Video Killed The Radio Star
7. Glacier Girl
8. Angel On Your Shoulder
9. Tomorrow
10. Lighthouse
11. Skin Deep
12. Darker Times
13. Finale
14. Heat Of The Moment
15. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
16. Dreaming Of England

September 21, 2019

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