Geoffrey Richardson In Search For Eden

For all his prominence on records by CARAVAN, who he’s been with since the “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night” days, and PENGUIN CAFÉ ORCHESTRA, as well as albums by the likes of Bob Geldof and Chris De Burgh, Geoffrey Richardson‘s solo output has a low-key presence to it. The situation is going to change on November 6th with the release of “The Garden Of Love”: playing a whole array of instruments there, in addition to his usual viola and flute, the veteran produced a classic in a true Canterbury fashion – pastel-hued, full of unexpected twists and understated beauty. The tradition’s well alive, then.

There’s dozen pieces on the platter:


The Garden Of Love

1. The Garden Of Love
2. Alleluia 7
3. The Downs
4. Scape
5. Lost In Love
6. My Longest Day
7. Half Moon
8. England, Dear England
9. This Winter
10. Butterfly
11. A Different Point Of View
12. A Simple Farewell

November 4, 2015

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