Geraint Watkins Is In The Mood

Unfortunately, not every artist is also an entertainer, yet Geraint Watkins most certainly can be considered one – suffice to remember the Welsh pianist’s Facebook videos posted during the pandemic, the clips in which he boogied with total abandon near beside a toy train set and blew a wooden train whistle. The veteran has played almost with everyone who is, or was, anyone, including such luminaries as Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman and, as accordionist, Rory Gallagher, and, of course, he’s recorded quite a few solo albums since 1979. One of these, “In A Bad Mood” from 2008, a platter that features his old friend and frequent collaborator Nick Lowe, will soon see an expanded reissue.

What the man of whom Bob Dylan said “my favorite British piano player” is to present his fans with on November 24th under the title “Mood Swings” consists of three discs that augments the aforementioned offering, celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, with a generous smattering of demos, concert cuts and tracks laid down for BBC. Which means not only a seriously contextualized release but also fun – guaranteed for all.

Mood Swings

CD 1 – In A Bad Mood:
1. Easy To Say ‘Bon Temps Rouler’
2. Champion
3. Unto You
4. Fools Like Me
5. Chagrin
6. My Love
7. Bourgeoise
8. History
9. Jenni
10. Heart Of The City
11. Catch On
12. At Last

CD 2 – In A Raw Mood (demos):
1. We’ve Only Just Begun
2. Fools Like Me
3. My Love
4. Chagrin
5. Body And Soul
6. Champion
7. You’ve Changed
8. Dedicated To The One I Love
9. Heart Of The City
10. What’s Going On
11. At Last

CD 3 – In A Good Mood (live, BBC sessions and expanded extras):
1. Jenni
2. Champion
3. Unto You
4. Only A Rose
5. At Last
6. Soldier Of Love
7. Crazy Arms
8. Easy To Say ‘Bon Temps Rouler’ (Later)
9. Champion (Later)
10. Only A Rose (Jools Holland R2)
11. Unto You (Mark Lamarr R2)
12. We’ve Only Just Begun
13. It’s A Wonderful Life
14. Bouffant
15. Only A Rose
16. Soldier Of Love

November 2, 2023

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