GILLES SNOWCAT – Mardi Gras Station

Gilles Snowcat 2017

GILLES SNOWCAT - Mardi Gras Station

Mardi Gras Station

N’awlins parading from Belgian artist who traded pop-art swell for a hoodoo spell.

To deliver unexpected goods is this artist’s modus operandi. Having moved from brightly lit jingle-like songs with AWAKEN to acoustic musings of "Nama Time!" that projected a live setting, Gilles is unleashing his inner Longhair on a single full of juju and gris-gris now.

There’s natural mystic in the slightly monotonous groove of “Love Spells From Mardi Gras Station” whose 10 minutes roll vocal harmonies over gracious piano towards joyous trance, which is spiked with funky psych. In its turn, B-side “Juicy Sides” offers a bass-spanked dance of a different stripe: glossy, glitterball-fixated, ska-kicking jive that’s just as blissful and needs no words to ripple its electronic splashes. Bring it on on a vinyl platter, and a desire to stick a needle in will be irresistible.


February 28, 2017

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