Glenn Branca Releases His Opus For 100 Guitars

Glenn Branca knows no stylistic boundaries, and his avant-garde denomination is simply an indicator of the American guitarist’s constant being ahead of the curve. There’s hardly any other modern composer equally well-versed in experimental rock and classical ballet, opera and incidental music, symphony and electric axe wigout. The two latest facets of his oeuvre came together one more time in 2008 in Rome, where Branca and the ensemble Glenn led performed “Symphony For 100 Guitars” also known as “Hallucination City”: a piece literally played by a hundred instrumentalists. And now this fantastic opus has been released on CD.

GLENN BRANCA - Symphony For 100 Guitars

Symphony For 100 Guitars

Of course, it’s hardly a thing for uninitiated but those into something greater than usual should embrace this symphony and live it.

It’s comprised of four movements:

1. March
2. Chant
3. Drive
4. Vengeance

July 2, 2016

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