Glenn Hughes Continues A Bootleg Series

GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set - Volume Two

The Official Bootleg Box Set –
Volume Two

For what it’s worth, Glenn Hughes is well represented on a bootleg front, although it’ll take a true aficionado to sift through the veteran’s concert recordings to find the defining ones in terms of material. Fortunately, there are genuine connoisseurs who can do that – and do that, indeed. Last year saw the release of “The Official Bootleg Box Set” – subtitled “Volume One” to indicate there would be more (unavailable for review, it was detailed here), and its follow-up will appear on May 31st.

Spanning 1993-2013 and, thus, overlapping with its predecessor, this time the collection is to have six, not seven, discs, and while there’s also one previously issued item – “Incense And Peaches” saw the light of day on the artist’s own label in 2000, the CD stands apart from the rest of the series due to the inclusion of studio, rather than live, cuts. Yet if the 1993’s on-stage performances reflect Hughes’ typical repertoire, save for “The House Of The Rising Sun” – one a few covers he delivered through the years, a take on Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Goodbye To Romance” that was played on radio in 1992 is attached to Disc Five – numbers which were laid down in 1995 and 1996 seem quite interesting thanks to Glenn taking the material from the then-fresh “Feel” and “Addiction” to the audience. All in all, a nice addition to his catalogue, the sometimes raw sound notwithstanding.

And here’s the details of what’s in the box.
GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set
Disc One –
Incense And Peaches – From The Archives, Volume 1:
1. Down The Wire
2. Against The Grain
3. Jackie Got The Call Today
4. Jolayne
5. Let’s Get Together
6. Stoned
7. What Is Your Role?
8. You Are My Dream!
9. Doublelife
10. Push! (LA demo)
11. Inside & Above
12. Hey Ken, Are You Home?
GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set
Disc Two –
Blitz Nightclub, Borlänge, Sweden – 17/06/1993:
1. Burn
2. Muscle And Blood
3. A Right To Live
4. So Much Love To Give
5. You Are The Music
6. The House Of The Rising Sun
7. Coast To Coast
8. This Time Around
9. Gettin’ Tighter
10. You Keep On Moving
11. Smoke On The Water
12. Georgia On My Mind
13. The Boy Can Sing The Blues
14. I Got Your Number
GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set
Disc Three –
Zoo Club, Göteborg, Sweden – 10/09/1993:
1. The Liar
2. The House Of Rising Sun
3. Lay My Body Down
4. Coast To Coast
5. This Time Around
6. Gettin’ Tighter
7. You Keep On Moving
8. I Got Your Number
9. Georgia On My Mind
bonus tracks –
The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland – 08/11/1995:
10. Big Time
11. You Are The Music
12. Muscle And Blood
13. This Time Around
14. Talkin’ To Messiah
GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set
Disc Four –
Gino, Stockholm, Sweden – 10/11/1996 – Part 1:
1. Way Back To The Bone
2. Touch My Life
3. Cover Me
4. Push!
5. Talk About It
6. First Step Of Love
7. Coast To Coast
8. Your Love Is Alright
9. Gettin’ Tighter
10. I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again
GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set
Disc Five –
Gino, Stockholm, Sweden – 10/11/1996 – Part 2:
1. You Keep On Moving
2. Addiction
3. You Fool No One
4. Burn
bonus tracks – 1992:
5. Goodbye To Romance
6. 12-Bar Blues
GLENN HUGHES - The Official Bootleg Box Set
Disc Six –
Crossroads Live Club, Rome – 30/05/2013:
1. Stormbringer
2. Might Just Take Your Life
3. Sail Away
4. Black Cloud
5. Mistreated
6. Superstition
7. Sinful
8. Gettin’ Tighter
9. You Keep On Moving
10. Soul Mover
11. Burn

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