Glenn Hughes Launches A Remasters Series

GLENN HUGHES - The Remasters

Glenn Hughes‘ today’s omnipresence may grate many of those who can’t see it as a revivalist’s counterbalance to the veteran’s erstwhile being down on his luck. The singing bassist’s stints with DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH ended with drug-related lapses, TRAPEZE reunions and collaboration with Gary Moore didn’t pan out either, but mid-’90s saw Glenn embrace his foibles and experiencing a sort of catharsis. That’s where and when Hughes found the strength to become what he is now, and that’s why on June 30th his two albums from that era – “Feel” and “Addiction” – will be re-released in remastered and expanded form, although not before the artist’s reissue programme on Cherry Red is launched on May 19th with a 2CD version of his solo debut, “Play Me Out” from 1977.

All these are very peculiar and, therefore, underestimated records, “Play Me Out” a pop-funk album, “Feel” a soul-oriented one, augmented with a Stevie Wonder cover, and “Addiction” dark and heavy but housing Glenn’s arguably best ballad “Talk About It” alongside other psyche-cleaning numbers. To be out as double-disc packages now, the titles feature rare, albeit somewhat known to connoisseurs, material such as the pieces from “Four On The Floor” project, as well as previously unreleased cuts, including Hughes’ concert documents. Hopefully, the revitalized Purple Records will span his entire catalogue, because gems are aplenty there.


Play Me Out

“Play Me Out”

Disc One – the album:
1. I Got It Covered
2. Space High
3. It’s About Time
4. L.A. Cut Off
5. Well
6. Soulution
7. Your Love Is Like A Fire
8. Destiny
9. I Found A Woman

Disc Two
Bonus tracks:
1. Smile
2. Getting Near To You
3. Fools Condition
4. Take Me With You
5. She Knows
Four On The Floor (1979):
6. There Goes My Baby
7. Gypsy Woman
8. Any Day Now
9. Glimmer Twins Medley:
    I. Let’s Spend The Night Together
    II. Lady Jane
    III. Paint It Black
    IV. Under My Thumb




Disc One – the album:
1. Big Time
2. Livin’ For The Minute
3. Does It Mean That Much To You?
4. Save Me Tonight (I’ll Be Waiting)
5. Redline
6. Coffee & Vanilla
7. Push!
8. She Loves Your Money
9. Speak Your Mind
10. Talkin’ To Messiah
11. Maybe Your Baby
bonus track:
12. Holy Man

Disc Two
Live Carola Holland 20/10/1994:
1. Introduction
2. From Now On
3. Interview
4. Lay My Body Down
Unplugged In Stockholm 28/07/1993:
5. So Much Love To Give
Unplugged In Japan 26/02/1994:
6. From Now On…
7. You Keep On Moving
8. Lay My Body Down
Schuüttdorf Open Air 02/07/1994:
9. Burn
10. Liar
11. Muscle And Blood
12. Lay My Body Down
13. Into The Void
14. Gettin’ Tighter
15. Stormbringer

GLENN HUGHES - Addiction



Disc One – the album:
1. Death Of Me
2. Down
3. Addiction
4. Madelaine
5. Talk About It
6. I’m Not Your Slave
7. Cover Me
8. Blue Jade
9. Justified Man
10. I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again
bonus tracks – live:
11. Way Back To The Bone
12. Touch My Life
13. You Fool No One

Disc Two
Live In Holland 14/07/1995:

1. Stormbringer
2. The Liar
3. You Fool No One
4. Muscle & Blood
5. Push
6. This Time Around
7. Coast To Coast
8. You’re The Music
9. Your Love Is Alright
10. Gettin’ Tighter
11. Vocal Intro
12. You Keep On Moving
13. Burn

April 28, 2017

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