GO WEST’s Peter Cox Comes Back To Look At Sea

Back in the day, GO WEST seemed unstoppable, their singles and albums enjoying some chart action, and even twenty years after the British duo’s start, in 2003, Peter Cox and Richard Drummie would deliver a top-quality live show. A decade earlier Cox embarked on a career of his own, yet a decade later the veterans’ released another record, their last to the date. 2013 would also see Peter issue his last, for now, solo platter – which will become a penultimate one on May 19th.

That day is when his “Seaglass” – the result of the singer’s return to Chrysalis Records who were behind GO WEST’s success from the beginning – will be out to demonstrate Cox’s brilliant blending of pop and soul. More so, the album was produced by Gary Stevenson, who manned the board for the band’s first two albums. What’s not to like?


1. Too Far Gone
2. She Wants Magic
3. 17 Again
4. Dream Burning Down
5. November
6. Things We Never Did
7. Don’t Let the Devil in
8. Brave New World
9. Jupiter
10. Confidant

May 11, 2023

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