GOLDEN EARRING Contextualize “Eight Miles High”

As far as transitional platters go, “Eight Miles High” which THE GOLDEN EARRING put out in 1969 was a primary example of one. The Dutch band’s third album, that was their first not to have an “S” at the end of the ensemble’s name and their last to feature the definitive article in the beginning, yet it was on this album that their signature adventurousness started to come together, what with the side-long titular cover of THE BYRDS’ perennial. So there’s no surprise in it becoming the next release in the group’s expanded reissues’ series.

Scheduled to follow in the wake of renovated “Moontan” and “Live” and see the light of day on March 10th, the record has been remastered from the first-generation Olympic Studios master tapes and is not only augmented with three bonus numbers, all single cuts, and a comprehensive booklet, but also has a companion DVD with a lengthy television film about the collective, the footage documenting their 1969 tour and given English subtitles now to put it all in proper context. A thing to enjoy and treasure.

Eight Miles High

1. Landing
2. Song Of A Devil’s Servant
3. One Huge Road
4. Everyday’s Torture
5. Eight Miles High
bonus tracks:
6. Another 45 Miles
7. I Can’t Get A Hold On Her
8. Eight Miles High (mono single version)

Eight Miles High – directed by Mat Van Hensbergen

GOLDEN EARRING – Eight Miles High – Expanded Edition

February 2, 2023

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