GOLDEN EARRING Deliver Their Last Live Report

It was a great, 50-year-long run for GOLDEN EARRING, and the legendary Dutch rockers – influential to such an extent that IRON MAIDEN covered their “Kill Me (Ce Soir)” – could have soldiered on if not for the illness of one of the band founders, guitarist George Kooymans, which made them stop for good in February 2001. As a result, the ensemble’s concert at “Rotterdam Ahoy” on November 16th, 2019 turned out to be their last ever – and this historic event was accidentally recorded by director Marcel de Vré who aimed to simply project videos and live shots on the on-stage screen – so when the footage’s importance as document became apparent, the veterans decided to issue the material, also preserved in pristine audio.

Titled “You Know We Love You! – Live Ahoy 2019” and spread across two CDs, with the accompanying DVD holding the same setlist, the album, scheduled for April 8th release, looks like this:

You Know We Love You! –
Live Ahoy 2019

1. Don’t Stop The Show
2. I Do Rock ‘N Roll
3. Another 45 Miles
4. Long Blond Animal
5. When The Lady Smiles
6. Liquid Soul
7. Twilight Zone
8. Going To The Run

1. Vanilla Queen
2. Hold Me Now
3. Say When
4. The Devil Made Me Do It
5. Johnny Make Believe
6. Rinus on bass
7. Radar Love – part 1
8. Cesar on drums
9. Radar Love – part 2
10. She Flies On Strange Wings
11. Legalize Telepathy

April 3, 2022

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