GOLDEN EARRING Widen Their “Cut”

A Dutch prog band switching to hard rock only to reconnect to their pop roots may result in anything but it’s very unlikely the outcome will be a Top 10 smash on “Billboard” charts and stay in American hit-parades for more than six month. Yet that’s what happened when GOLDEN EARRING issued their sixteenth album – laconically titled “Cut” – and put on the platter a memorable epic “Twilight Zone” which would be shortened for a single release and an accompanying video, a staple of MTV programmes. No less importantly, the record revitalized the band who planned to bow out after a subsequent tour, and they carried on until 2021, so there’s no need for a better reason to expand the 1982 classic for a deluxe edition.

Out now, this edition is comprised of two CDs, with the album, singles, outtakes and alternative versions of its songs, all remastered from the first-generation master tapes, and a DVD with various videos from the period, including the infamous “The Devil Made Me Do It” that contained the word bullshit and had to be censored for the U.S. market – of course, the censored variant of the ’45 is also among the bonus cuts. A worthy things… except – “due to artistic decisions and creative reasons” – the DVD is PAL region 0 format and some standard DVD players may not handle it.


CD 1:
1. The Devil Made Me Do It
2. Future
3. Baby Dynamite
4. Last Of The Mohicans
5. Lost And Found
6. Twilight Zone
7. Chargin’ Up My Batteries
8. Secrets
bonus tracks:
9. Twilight Zone (7-inch single version)
10. King Dark
11. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch single version)
12. Shadow Avenue
13. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch US single censored version)

Expanded Edition

CD 2:
1. Future (early version 11-81)
2. Twilight Zone (early version 11-81)
3. Don’t Be Silly (monitor mix 1-82)
4. Lost And Found (instrumental early mix 2-82)
5. Future (alternate lyrics 2-82)
6. Twilight Zone (early mix 2-82)
7. Chargin’ Up My Batteries (early mix 2-82)
8. King Dark (early mix 2-82)
9. Last of the Mohicans (early version 2-82)
10. Jazz – Shadow Avenue (basic Track 3-82)
11. Secrets (early mix 5-82)
12. The Devil Made Me Do It (early mix 6-82)
13. Baby Dynamite (early mix 6-82)
14. Twilight Zone (instrumental early mix 2-82)

1. Twilight Zone
2. When The Lady Smiles
3. Clear Night Moonlight
4. Turn The World Around
5. Burning Stuntman
6. The Devil Made Me Do It (Avro’s TopPop, export version)
7. Polygoon Journaal, 20-2-1984

October 3, 2023

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