GONG Dust Off A 1974 Concert For Release

Despite all the touring GONG undertook in the ’70s, the amount of the Daevid Allen’s ensemble concert recordings from early days is criminally scarce. Which is why “Live à Longlaville 27/10/1974” that will be made available on December 10th on CD and vinyl should be more than welcome addition to their array of platters. Preserved for posterity in France right after “You” – the closing chapter of the “Radio Gnome Invisible” trilogy – the double album features not only choice cuts from this and previous LPs, “Flying Teapot” being the glaring exception, but also Steve Hillage’s monumental “Solar Musick Suite” that would not make it out until 1975, when “Fish Rising” was released.

Since this comes from a mixing desk tape, its quality is great, capturing stellar performances by the aforementioned players as well as from Didier Malherbe, Tim Blake and the recently returned Laurie Allan. In other words, it’s an essential document.

Live à Longlaville 27/10/1974

CD 1:
1. Other Side Of The Sky
2. Master Builder
3. Perfect Mystery
4. Tropical Fish
5. I Never Glid Before
6. Solar Musick Suite

CD 2:
1. Flute Salad
2. Oily Way
3. Outer Temple
4. Inner Temple
5. A Sprinkling Of Clouds
6. You Can’t Kill Me
7. Isle Of Everywhere (Part 1)

November 24, 2021

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