GONG Go On Going Down

Last decade wasn’t been easy for GONG – but, then, what decade wasn’t difficult for this band? – as 2016’s "Rejoice! I'm Dead!" saw the collective say farewell to Daevid Allen and “The Universe Also Collapses” from 2019 saw the orphaned veterans soldier on, gloriously so, completely on their own. Continuing to delve deeper and deeper into the progressive rock’s future, they gradually constructed a new narrative and their recent concerts saw the group premiere new songs of which one has been released, in a studio version, today as a precursor to their forthcoming album.

Unending Ascending

The piece is called “Tiny Galaxies” and is the first cut on “Unending Ascending” that will be out on November 3rd, its track’s titles suggesting the return to the team’s classic cosmic rock subjects. What’s not to like?

1. Tiny Galaxies
2. My Guitar Is A Spaceship
3. Ship Of Ishtar
4. O, Arcturus
5. All Clocks Reset
6. Choose Your Goddess
7. Lunar Invocation
8. Asleep Do We Lay

August 31, 2023

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