Gordon Giltrap And His Friends Unveil A Multimedia Project

“The most significant and important project of my career thus far” is how Gordon Giltrap characterizes “Scattered Chapters”: the music album the veteran created in tandem with keyboard player Paul Ward, with whom he first partnered for "The Last Of England" five years ago, and the book penned by a fellow guitarist and the new record participant Nick Hooper, whose "6 Strings" was one of 2018’s delights. There are three Ward tunes on the platter and fifteen GG melodies of which a few will sound familiar to his fans, one being an orchestral version of “One For Billie” from "Ravens & Lullabies" – his collaboration with Oliver Wakeman – and a Celtic-scented take on his classic “Heartsong” from the "Perilous Journey" LP.

The players on “Scattered Chapters” include MARILLION drummer Ian Mosley and the aforementioned Nicholas Hooper whose credits contain score for a couple of Harry Potter movies and whose short stories make up the companion book of the same title. The book, ready to be available separately on the day of the record’s release, July 23rd, which marks Hooper’s 70th birthday, also contains details of artwork that’s featured inside it as illustrations of the texts and the music. And this is what it all looks like:

Scattered Chapters

1. Starfield
2. Scattered Chapters
3. Nordkapp
4. One For Billie
5. Sharing Days
6. A Cottingley Secret
7. Through Braden’s Door
8. The Constant Friend
9. The Kissing Gate
10. Requiem
11. She Who Gently Smiles
12. The Work Of Angels
13. The Stars Look Down On Linda
14. The Wounded Healer
15. Turning Earth
16. Precious
17. The Melody Weaver’s Son
18. Heartsong


July 5, 2022

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