Gordon Giltrap Quietly Lets “The Starlings” Fly

Arguably, Gordon Giltrap is the most humble genius one can ever hope to come across, yet even by his standards the guitarist’s latest album has been put out with- too little ado. Titled “The Starlings” and credited to Giltrap and Hat, it finds Gordon’s strings elevate Nigel Bates’ songs to celestial heights and is available for streaming now, with a CD release planned further down the line.

And yes, it’s a songs-based, as opposed to instrumental, offering, with vocals provided by Susy Wall, Carrie Martin and Rachel Victoria over the last few years. This project came into existence when the veteran player overheard the HAHA HATS’ leader say he wanted to bring his electronica to the stage, which resulted in Giltrap proposing to add guitars to Bates’ music. The results can be sampled below – they are expectedly impressive.

The Starlings

1. Starling
2. Coventina
3. Legends
4. Summon The Summer
5. Satellites
6. Time Whispers
7. Best Song In The World
8. Legends Instrumental
9. I’m In Need Of Music
10. Questions
11. Set The Clock
12. South Bank Show

May 30, 2024

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