Gordon Giltrap Taps Into Da Vinci Spirit

Always impressive in the studio, it’s on-stage – when he’s liberated from any style-dictating concept – that the great Gordon Giltrap shines the brightest, but it’s been a while since the English guitarist last delivered a concert album. His previous one, “Live in 99” from January 2021, seems to have slipped through the cracks, yet the recently released “Live At Rosslyn Chapel – The Da Vinci Recordings” must not follow this route because it’s a fantastic document of the veteran’s visit to the Scottish site which is mostly known now thanks to its connection to Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” – although its acoustics have nothing to do with the literary or cinematic hype.

That’s why Gordon performance there has a lot of beauty attached to it, with the fresh airing of Giltrap’s classics from "Visionary" and "Perilous Journey" as well as a newer material. A thing of beauty, really.

Live At Rosslyn Chapel –
The Da Vinci Recordings

1. 5 Dollar Guitar
2. Here Comes The Sun
3. The Lord’s Seat
4. God Save The Queen
5. The Dodo’s Dream
6. Roots
7. Splinter
8. Ives Horizon
9. Sallie’s Song
10. Angie
11. Isabella’s Wedding
12. A Christmas Carol
13. At Giltrap’s Bar
14. Rachel’s Reflections
15. Heartsong
16. Lucifer’s Cage

October 4, 2021

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