Graham Bonnet Breaks Out Live

Having just released their first single, "My Kingdom Come" Bandcamp, GRAHAM BONNET BAND took its “name your price” scheme further and, two days ago, presented an exclusive concert EP via the quartet’s Facebook page. Titled “Escape From Alcatrazz: Alive In Japan” and recorded last month, the six-track mini-album is made available in a piecemeal fashion, song after song in a week’s course, and this promotional move feels rather ingenious in today’s digital marketing atmosphere. More so, the EP’s title signals freedom on a few levels, what with the ex-RAINBOW and MSG singer finally forming an ensemble to fully compliment his personal musical inclinations, and what with the futile attempt of Bonnet’s erstwhile compadres in ALCATRAZZ to reunite under the old moniker without Graham that took place a few years ago. Such an approach from his current outfit clearly readies the ground for a strong new material.

bonnetlive15GRAHAM BONNET BAND - Escape From Alcatrazz: Alive In Japan

Escape From Alcatrazz:
Alive In Japan

Meanwhile, the songs on a live album are (read the review):

1. All Night Long
2. Love’s No Friend
3. Since You’ve Been Gone
4. Suffer Me
5. Night Games
6. Lost In Hollywood

July 22, 2015

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