Graham Bonnet Gets Back With His Band On A New Album

It all goes in circles lately for Graham Bonnet: whereas his ensemble’s 2018 offering “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage” led to the resurrection of ALCATRAZZ, the veteran’s separation from that collective guaranteed the comeback of GRAHAM BONNET BAND. Back with a vengeance, if the single “Imposter” (see video below) is anything to judge it by, the group’s new album, titled “Day Out In Nowhere” and scheduled for a May 13th release, should be both emotional and heavy – a rare combo only such vocalist as Graham can pull, ably added and abetted by usual suspects: his muse Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass and Conrado Pesinato on guitar, plus quite a few guests.

Among these are Bonnet’s former colleague in RAINBOW Don Airey, erstwhile Bruce Dickinson sidekick Roy Z, as well a several more metal-minded players. All in all, the record’s going to look like this:

Day Out In Nowhere

1. Imposter
2. 12 Steps To Heaven
3. Brave New World (feat. Roy Z)
4. Uncle John
5. Day Out In Nowhere
6. The Sky Is Alive
7. David’s Mom
8. When We’re Asleep (feat. Mike and John Tempesta)
09. It’s Just A Frickin’ Song (feat. Don Airey)
10. Jester (feat. Jeff Loomis and Kyle Hughes)
11. Suzy

March 9, 2022

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