Graham Bonnet opens his archives

A couple of days ago, Graham Bonnet announced his new group and hinted at a new album while casting a glance over his shoulder into the ’70s, the pre-RAINBOW era. It was then that the singer’s solo career started with an array of singles and two LPs. The first of those was Bonnet’s self-titled album released on a certain Beatle’s Ring O’Records in 1977 yet, as it turns out, there was another record before that, laid down in 1975 but shelved for some reason – only to be out on January 22nd on iTunes and other digital media outlets as “Private i – The Archives Vol. One.”

With Graham in a multi-instrumentalist role – and a writer’s too, as there’s no covers on offer, unlike on “Graham Bonnet” – some heavy guests add their touch to the ex-MARBLES’ warbler’s songs, including Phillip Goodhand-Tait and Rick Wakeman. Surely not a thing to miss on… and we may only guess what treasures the other archive volumes keep. As for this one, its tracks are:

GRAHAM BONNET -<br />Private i - The Archives Vol. One

Private i –
The Archives Vol. One

1. Here Comes The Rain
2. What’s This ‘Ere Then
3. Private Eye
4. Let Me Off This Time / Saturday’s Gone
5. Back-Row In The Stalls
6. She May Not Be Much To Look At
7. Ade’s Song
8. Mamma Mine
9. Relaxae (Jazz Me)
10. Don’t Drink The Water
11. Dreams (Out In The Forest)
12. We’re Free

January 18, 2015

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