Graham Bonnet presents a new band and an old video

They’ve been going for some time now, but Graham Bonnet finally decided to officially announce a group of his own and name it not BONNET, as it was originally intended, but GRAHAM BONNET BAND – in a good old rhythm-and-blues tradition. He was, and still is, one of the best rhythm-and-blues belters that Blighty gave birth to, but a stint with RAINBOW endowed Graham with an aura of a hard rock vocalist which he carried on through work with MSG, ALCATRAZZ, IMPELLITERI and beyond. So it’s the heavy songs that Bonnet is set to perform in the company of his bass-playing muse Beth-Ami Heavenstone and guitarist Conrado Pesinato; there’s also talk of a new music being brewed while the group gear up for a tour.

GRAHAM BONNET BAND:<br/>Conrado Pesinato, GB, Beth-Ami Heavenstone

Yet, as if to tap into his roots, the singer has just unveiled not only a promo for the new group but also a rare archival video from BILLY BEETHOVEN, a cinematic missing link between THE MARBLES and Ritchie Blackmore’s ensemble. Watch both clips below.

January 14, 2015

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