Graham Gouldman And Brian May Salute Webb Telescope

The images beamed to Earth by the James Webb Space Telescope has been the recent days’ primary sensation, which is remarkable in itself because so many people who are not really interested in science are in awe of these unique photographs. Of course, the swirl of galaxies attracted the attention of politicians and artists, the latter finding fresh inspiration in what they’ve seen all over the Web, the veteran hitmaker Graham Gouldman of 10CC fame and his old friend Brian May among the flock.

It was Gouldman who came up with the song titled “Floating In Heaven” which he perceives as the Webb telescope’s own soundtrack, and since May is an astrophysicist of some renown – although, ostensibly, his Ph.D. degree will never surpass his level as a guitarist – Graham found a certain logic in having Brian add recognizable licks and harmonic lines to this single. The warm-sounding song redolent of The Fab Four’s melodies debuted on all streaming platforms yesterday, July 12th, with the companion video released a few hour later. There might be nothing special about the veterans’ collaboration and nothing special about the piece per se, but it’s still a fine example of classic rock at its best.

July 13, 2022

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