Graham Nash Revisits His Solo Beginning On Stage

Not a lot of artists started their solo career in such privileged position as Graham Nash who, by the time he decided to do so, was twice a superstar, having first hit the big time with THE HOLLIES and then in the company of David Crosby, Stephen Stills – and Neil Young. As a result, the veteran’s fans didn’t know what to expect of him when, in 1971, the British-American musician decided to venture off not as part of any collective; they only knew it would be a high quality collection of songs. Indeed, the “Songs For Beginners” LP made it into Top 20 on many markets, and although that album’s follow-up, “Wild Tales” from 1974, fared less successfully, both records are long considered classics, and Nash’s aficionados were delighted to hear them both played in sequence, save for a single swap in the order, in 2019.

Those performances, especially pieces aired from a Boston stage, got preserved for posterity, of course, to be released under the simple title “Live: Songs For Beginners / Wild Tales” on May 6th, looking like this – and not featuring none of the heavy guests who left their mark on the studio versions:

Live: Songs For Beginners /
Wild Tales

Songs For Beginners:
1. Military Madness
2. Better Days
3. Wounded Bird
4. I Used To Be King
5. Be Yourself
6. Simple Man
7. Man In The Mirror
8. There’s Only One
9. Sleep Song
10. Chicago
11. We Can Change The World
Wild Tales:
12. Wild Tales
13. Prison Song
14. Hey You (Looking At The Moon)
15. You’ll Never Be The Same
16. And So It Goes
17 Grave Concern
18. Oh! Camil (The Winter Soldier)
19. I Miss You
20. On The Line
21. Another Sleep Song

April 5, 2022

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