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As a frontman of THE RUMOUR, he was one of the shakers and movers in the field of the English pub rock in the ’70s but Graham Parker found commercial success when he shifted towards new wave in the next decade before slowing down in the late ’90s when the veteran worked with THE FIGGS and then quietly continuing to work until the here and now, accompanied by compatriots THE GOLDTOPS and drifting back to the style that made him popular in the first place. Their debut “Cloud Symbols” saw the light of day in 2018, with the sophomore effort will be out soon, on September 8th.

Bearing the alluring title “Last Chance To Learn The Twist” and featuring Graham’s old pal Geraint Watkins on keyboards, alongside THE RUMOUR’s Martin Belmont on guitar, and FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION’s rhythm section of Simon Edwards and Roy Dodds, it’s a typical Parker record, with memorable melodies and sarcastic lyrics, so there’s something to be looking forward to to hear.

Last Chance To Learn The Twist

1. The Music Of The Devil
2. Grand Scheme Of Things
3. Sun Valley
4. It Mattered To Me
5. Wicked Wit
6. Pablo’s Hippos
7. Cannabis
8. Shorthand
9. We Did Nothing
10. Lost Track Of Time
11. Last Stretch Of The Road
12. Them Bugs
13. Since You Left Me Baby

August 21, 2023

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