GREENSLADE’s Entire BBC Sessions: Details Are In

While many progressive rock lovers were excited to hear the news of the forthcoming “At The BBC” set from the glorious GREENSLADE, the story that was published by a few agencies back in January and offered a summary of the sessions used for the double-CD set lacked substance in terms of actual tracklisting, so aficionados wondered whether it would be worth pursuing the new release. Finally, the details are in, and the verdict might seem fittingly double-edged.

It turns out what will see the light of day on April 5th – rather than in February the Repertoire set was planned for – is comprised, for the most part, of the cuts which have been out on Esoteric’s expanded reissues of the British quartet’s catalogue. And while some of that series’ visual content got converted into audio here, one of the tracks that were there is missing – although this version of “Pilgrim’s Progress” may surface on the finished product. If not, the only reason to buy the Beeb collection can boil down to the convenience of having all the sessions in a single place.

At The BBC

CD 1:
Radio 1 “Sounds Of The ’70s” – January 10th, 1973:
1. Temple Song
2. Feathered Friends
3. An English Western
Radio 1 “In Concert” – Paris Theatre, London – April 5th, 1973:
4. Sundance
5. Drowning Man
6. Feathered Friends
7. Melange
Radio 1 “Sounds Of The ’70s” – October 31st, 1973:
8. Time To Dream
9. Bedside Manners Are Extra

CD 2:
“The Old Grey Whistle Test” – November 20th, 1973:
1. Bedside Manners Are Extra
2. Pilgrim’s Progress
Radio 1 “In Concert” – Paris Theatre, London – November 7th, 1974:
3. Joie De Vivre
4. Bedside Manners Are Extra
5. Sundance
6. Red Light
7. Spirit Of The Dance
Radio 1 “Sounds Of The ’70s” – November 6th, 1974:
8. Melange
9. Melancholic Race
10. Red Light

March 13, 2024

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