Greg Lake And Geoff Downes Unleash Their TIGER

Geoff Downes and Greg Lake had first played together back in 1983, when the latter briefly joined the former in ASIA for a Japanese jaunt. Still, it wasn’t until five years on from there that the two came up with a project called RIDE THE TIGER that didn’t bring forth an album, although some tracks were repurposed, while others appeared on rarities compilations such as Lake’s "From The Underground", and two remained unreleased. These pieces will be finally issued together on November 27th, and although their arrangements should sound a bit dated – it wasn’t a finished product, after all – the melodic quality of it is great.

In Downes’ words,
“I spent quite a lot of time working on that album with Greg. It’s never actually came up as an album but a few of the tracks we used: ELP used ‘Affairs Of The Heart’ and I used ‘Love Under Fire’ on one of the ASIA albums. So we got something out of it – that was quite interesting.”


Ride The Tiger

The full tracklist goes like this (read the the review):

1. Money Talks
2. Love Under Fire
3. Affairs Of The Heart
4. Street Wars
5. Check It Out
6. Blue Light
7. Love Under Fire (alt. mix)

September 25, 2015

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